What is 4D Lean?

4D Lean is a visual model, a language and a philosophy. This 4D Lean model is based on 20 years of experience. It is not a theoretical model, it is based on facts and figures, showing that happiness leads to better results and better results to happiness!

The X-axis shows the HOW, the 5 dimensions. It is a timeline and a visualization of maturity.

The Y-axis shows the WHAT with indicators as results, drive, mental health, profit, involvement, attitude, safety, sales, satisfaction, connection, innovation, consciousness, presenteeism, balance, happiness, … wholeness.

For the WHY: see mission below.

The happier, the more passionate and connected people are, the more productive they are.


Our mission is to help people find happiness.
It is our goal to create awareness by using the 4D model and a universal, simple language. Realizing goals, success, and self-actualization are the highest satisfiers. It makes people feel good.

Therefore it is essential to permanently have and achieve goals while in the right work environment.
° We guide you to structure and realize goals and dreams
° We help you to choose or create the right environment and make work awesome

We want to convince 0D and 1D companies that moving to 2-3-4D is a far more social sustainable and profitable way of doing business.
° We help people and companies finding their “ideal mix” based on their maturity
° We help them grow and reach the next level

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Status quo:
Although the world is constantly changing, nothing moves around you. It’s time to act.

Example: Church, army, ministry, education, a lot of SME’s, …


The lemon press:
Top down control and pressure for results leave you like a squeezed lemon. You’ll end up burned out.

Example: > 90% of the stock companies mainly interested in quarter results.


Brains rule:
Engagement grows in a culture of trust, improvement and respect, Long-term thinking and win-wins are key. 

Global reference: Toyota!


The heart’s choice:
Now you can focus on your passion and follow new trends. The Harada method makes you self-reliant and able to reach your dreams. An essential ingredient for happiness.

Example: Toyota Connected (Texas), Mirai (Japan), Tesla, Google, Red Monkey Company, 2D companies in transition to 4D, …

4D (~ Teal)

An intuitive environment:
By striving for a clear mission and a better world,  personal time, consciousness and balance are the new gold.

Example: Buurtzorg (NL), Morning Star, Zappos, 4Ocean, …

Paul Akers

Fastcap (USA), the company of Paul Akers, is a trendsetter in mixing 2-3-4D

2D: Lean
3D: 2 second Lean, innovation & connection
4D: Their mission: “to grow people”

How big is Paul Akers’ influence?
See Global State of Operational Excellence survey Nov 20

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The first 4D Lean company in the world

Paul Akers and his wife Leanne, owners of Fastcap rewarded as “the first 4D Lean Company in the world” (mixing 2-3-4D)