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The 5 dimensions (D’s)

The 4D model can be studied from a personal or company view. As we spend a lot of time at work, choosing the right work environment is essential. Setting personal goals and reaching them leads to self-actualization, which is the highest satisfier of needs (see Maslov pyramid).
    In our research we’ve identified that most companies are not taking care of their most valuable assets: their employees. We have created a model to understand the current phase or Dimension you are in. The model will learn you how to improve your organization (or life as an individual).
    • The model shows 5 dimensions from 0D to 4D.
    Learn how to make the ideal mix of dimensions to reach your maximum potential in all you do. Estimations are that nearly 90% of companies are still in the 0D or 1D phase, which is terrible!
Let us focus on 2D, 3D, 4D to help you improve your organization and/or personal life.

Long term thinking, continuous improvement & respect for people. Engagement grows. To reach a culture of trust, there is a crucial role for leaders to lead by example, to live the philosophy, being 100% honest, humble, servant & authentic. Win-wins are key.

Once a 2D base is there, it is essential to add extra’s to reach the next level and experience the biggest effect in the model. (No, it is not possible to jump from 0D or 1D to 3D, you need to go through 2D and this takes time. 3D is the phase of the heart. Connection and passion are the secret ingredients of the 3D phase. The Harada method is the jewel to create self-reliance, which will enable you to reach all your goals. In this changing world, continuous innovation should be part of your way of living. Follow new trends, Agile/Scrum are indispensable. Make work awesome.
Purpose. Striving for a mission, a better world and balance. Time is the new gold. Personal well-being is a goal for the 4D phase. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business. Create the happiest company to work for by striving for new consciousness, an exciting culture, X-factor leadership, teamwork & networking.

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